The Library


Simon Parker first visited the Library during the five weeks between Thansgiving and New Year’s Eve. The Library is circular, with several floors of shelves surrounding a large open area, lit by skylights and candles.

When he first arrived, Simon could find no door, only a large number of books waiting to be read. During his time in the Library, small meals would appear when his back was turned, in the form of a small round of bread and a flask of wine. He never slept. It’s unclear if anyone else entered to bring the food, and it’s unclear how Simon remained lucid in this place for five weeks without sleep.

In one of the books, Simon found a note from Fr. Rudolf Fuentez, imploring the reader to help Emma Lee Raines in her coming quest and warning that otherwise the town was doomed. Only after reading the note did Simon notice a door through which he exited the Library. He was next seen by Emma Lee when he showed up at her door. So far, it is unclear how Simon got there from the Library.

It is unclear where (or even if) the Library is, as only Simon has visited the place. If it exists, it is likely near a church, given the Christmas carols Simon heard at one point during his visit, and is likely to have been a sort of headquarters for Fr. Fuentez’s crusade against Carnamagos.

It is possible, however, that the Library doesn’t actually exist on Earth and Simon either suffered a psychotic break or went somewhere else.

The Library

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