Dia De Los Muertos Gang


The Dia De Los Muertos Gang is a criminal enterprise in and around the San Luis Obispo area, currently led by gang leader Solomon Kane. Whereas they venerate La Calavera Catrina, as a holy patron, they conduct wicked and vile acts in her name. Everything from drug trafficking to murder for hire and arson for profit to illicit pornographic materials are all at the feet of this eccentric but dangerous operation.

Kane runs his organization in a tightly efficient way. His organization is comprised of 13 full members with himself taking the number 1 spot. The newest member of the gang is brought in as number 13 and only works their way up when there is an opening. Secrecy, silence and loyalty are the most important qualities for any gang member.

Authorities have long been trying to pin some crimes on Kane and his occult obsessed thugs but as of yet, the loyalty in his organization has remained steadfast. One of the newest recruits may be high school student David ‘Davey’ Jones.

There are few people who know the extent of Solomon Kane’s abilities or even his true nature. Simon Parker, a student at Carnamagos High became aware in the most bleak way possible. Solomon was present the night Simon was murdered, having been drawn to his corpse, knowing it was rise again. When Simon finally took that gasp of air that brought him back to the land somewhere between the living and the dead, Solomon seemed to understand and Solomon tried to seduce him with power and riches and by joining as the 13th member of his inner circle. However, Simon refused, knowing that such positions were dangerous. Solomon did not take the rejected offer well, instead returning with veiled threats against the student.

Dia De Los Muertos Gang

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