Cheap Thrills

Cheap_Thrills_1.jpgLocated on the far edge of the southern part of town, Cheap Thrills was a major attraction up until the 1990’s. A series of scandals hit the amusement park, involving some accidents, some murders and then the discovery of toxic chemicals underneath the property, the owners, the wealthy Morningstar Family, determined it was too much to clean up the property as well as clean up the reputation so they voluntarily defaulted on the loan. In the past twenty years, the new owner, the bank, has let it sit and continue to rot away.

Teenagers used to regularly use the place as somewhere to drink and hook up but every so often another scandal hits where kids end up hurt or dead and the place is continues to be avoided – until the reputation fades and the cycle repeats itself.

Cheap_Thrills_2.jpgPeople wonder why the bank simply hasn’t torn the location down or sold the property but due to the toxic nature, nobody will buy it and the bank has determined it is cheaper to settle the occasional lawsuit than it is to clean it up.

Teenagers consider the place haunted, bad luck and wretched. But still, every generation forgets and allows whatever is there to continue the cycle.

A rumor that persists that few seem to believe in is that if you die on the grounds of Cheap Thrills, your soul returns as some kind of sinister, undead clown. Fact!

Cyprus_March.jpgThe rumors of Cheap Thrills seemed to be brought to stark reality when Simon Parker approached the place looking for answers, with Molly Sterling, Lilith Marid and Emma Lee Raines in tow. There they met the mysterious Cyprus March as well as his ghostly underlings and associates, Dr Voltaire, Holly and Folly, the Ghoul Sisters and the Clowns. Lady Dark was mentioned but never seen, even though her haunting calliope music was heard in the distance.

Cheap Thrills

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