Carnamagos High


Carnamagos High has been around for over 100 years. However, the current building had only been around for the past ten. With a student body of close to 1500, there is a cross section of students from various economic and sociological backgrounds. The other high schools in the area include Hamilton High and Mission Catholic.

Carnamagos.jpgThe school is named after Friar Carnamagos, an early figure in California history who, according to legend, traveled up and down California, exploring the area and establishing the town’s small mission (which still stands today).

The school promotes academics as well as athletics, sporting a competitive football team, cheering squad and a girl’s volleyball team. Naturally, there are other sports and clubs but are not as highly ranked as the previous sports. Cheered on by mascot, Carney Coyote, the school does fairly well.

Carnamagos-BIG.jpgThe school faculty, led by Dr. Davis Lycan, holds students to high standards. However, there are numerous scandals that they have either not uncovered or even become aware of. The Pay for A ring as well as various drug schemes and other criminal enterprises conducted by Noah Wilton and Major Kindt serve as terrible examples

Carnamagos High

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