The Doom that Came to SLO-Town

Episode 24: The Garden Does Not Get to Choose

Mid March

After the harried events earlier in the evening, the teens regrouped at the home of Emma Lee Raines. They had been in car accidents, killed Hollis Dandy as well as dispatched several dragons, members of the Castalanta Family. It was at this point that Simon Parker realized there was information to be had but he had to be at the brink of death, or just slightly beyond, in order to access memories. In an effort to trick Yasmine Castalanta, who wanted to see the heroes dead, they decided to trick her and have Devon Lauer crack Simon upside the head, appearing as if he had been killed. But in reality, Simon slipped into a death-state, accessing visions and memories that had gone on before.


Simon back back to the moment when he initially died – or at least close to it. Back at Carnamagos High, Simon found himself walking down the hallway of the school where the cheering squad was still practicing. As Simon went down the hall, he noticed a strange figure, going through the locker of Lilith Marid. But of course, he knew all this as it happened before. But it was the identity of the individual going through the locker that he was unable to discern before. But now, the memories were clear. Simon watched as the mysterious Solomon Kane emerged from the locker, holding a strange black cloth in his hands. Immediately, Simon sprung to action to an attack, even though in the back of his mind, he knew that this would end in his inevitable death.

The fight between Simon and Solomon was fierce and entered into the street as Simon chased after the arcane drug dealer, living these memories again but remembering them for the first time. As he chased Solomon into an alley, he turned the corner and found himself face to face with not only Solomon, but also Mahala Kindt and her four jackal brothers. Solomon handed over the cloth with Mahala commenting that this took much more effort than she would have expected and how she did not want Lilith to get hold of this item as it was some item that would create a connection or message from her father, the mysterious Aslam Khan. But as Simon knew what was coming, Mahala ordered her jackals to pounce. As the group left, leaving Simon to die – and return to life – it was Devon Lauer that found him, bringing the story full circle.

End Flashback

When Simon awoke, he immediately told Devon what he had seen as well as the relationship Mahala and Solomon had in his death as well as the mysterious cloth that had been found in Lilith’s locker.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Emma Lee’s home, Lilith, Emma Lee and Molly Sterling went through the materials that had been left behind by Emma Lee’s mother. Going through some private journals, the girls hoped to find some connection between Emma Lee’s mother and Lilith’s father, Aslam Khan. However, as the girls began looking, it was at this point that Lilith brought up the difficult conversation of how Lilith suspected that Emma Lee’s mother was responsible for Aslam’s death/disappearance.

Upon finding the journals, they were disturbed to find they were written in some kind of arcane code. Asking Molly to decipher the journals, Molly agreed but was still weak from her dark depression she had entered into the death of her sister, Melody Sterling. Yet Molly soldiered on, concentrated and began to break and read the code. Whereas she was able to read it, her carelessness brought upon something into her presence and opened herself up to some dark force that was now aware of her.

As Molly read the journals to the other girls, she discovered that Emma Lee’s mother had been a warrior and hunter of evil supernatural forces. She had dispatched werewolves, vampires and ghosts that had been plaguing the town of San Luis Obispo, determining that the town was some kind of nexus for such activity. At some point, the journals state, she discovered the existence of Khan, writing that he was a demon and a seducer of women. She found his power enticing but dangerous and her mentor, Fr. Rudolf Fuentez, attempted to aid her in destroying the creature, but he had already become intimate with Lilith’s mother, Sabrina Marid. When the two discovered that the demon could not be destroyed in a conventional way, they turned to an arcane figure in the area, the notorious Consag (now known as Mahala Kindt).

So there it was. The Consag and Emma Lee’s mother managed to form an alliance to dispatch of Lilith’s father. According to the notes, the Consag provided a spell that would imprison the demon inside of an Ebony Statue, specifically the Ebony Statute that was sitting in Sabrina’s gallery, the Louver. It was at this point that Lilith wondered if Molly had the power to undo the spell but she admitted, reluctantly, she could not. But it was apparent that The Consag/Mahala was involved in their lives so deeply and for so long. But it was then that Molly revealed the worst part of the journal – in order to get the spell to stop Khan, Emma Lee’s mother promised The Consag the soul of her first born, that is to say, Emma Lee, herself.

While Simon and Lilith were alone, as Emma Lee had gone up to shower away the wretched feeling she had, Devon wanted some food and Molly continued to research, he shared with her the events that had occurred in his flashback. He explained to her how Mahala was doing whatever she could to prevent Lilith from knowing the nature of her father. As the tow shared this important moment, the two of them embraced one another and engaged in a tryst that was not only satisfying but also invigorating.

Molly, meanwhile, had an encounter of her own. Outside, the jackal, Berisalv appeared, one of Mahala’s brothers. He stated that Mahala was interested in where she was. But Molly quickly dispatched the animal, stating she did not want to be bothered at the moment.

As Lilith and Simon lay on the bed, Lilith had her own vision. Trying to see or know who it was that placed the black cloth in her locker to begin with, she had a vision of Sophie Wessel, the leader of the Cult of Vesta. It was not a stretch to determine that Sophie would know, as her power was arcane and dark. It was slightly more obfuscating to know what she wanted to warn her but Lilith determined that likely it was a piece of leverage Sophie had been hoping to hold over Lilith. She also knew that if she wanted to release her father, they would have two options – go to Mahala and have her reverse the spell or go to Carnamagos and have him cast a spell. Neither option was palatable but the group later determined that they would be better off going to Mahala.

On their way to visit Mahala and try to negotiate with her to release Khan, they notice emergency vehicles and police cars in a frantic pace. Getting a bad feeling, they followed and discovered that the action was going on on Lilith’s block. Arriving, they discovered half the neighborhood was on fire, with ground zero being Lilith’s house. It was clear that Yasmine Castalanta, the dragon, had followed through on her threat. Finding that Lilith’s mother and Sharon Lake had been taken to Mercy Memorial Hospital, the group called Mahala and asked her to meet them there but not before putting a blindfold and headphones on Devon as they knew that Yasmine was using him as a vessel to spy on them.

Arriving at Mercy Hospital, the group went to the lonely chapel where Mahala was waiting. First Lilith went to viist her mother who was unconscious but stable. Then Lilith joined the others in the chapel where she was out of patience but made it clear there were four things she wanted:

  • Have Devon released from his curse that allowed Yasmine to spy on him
  • Release her father, Khan
  • Release Emma Lee’s soul
  • Provide a counter-spell for the disasters that would be brought down on San Luis Obispo by the Castalanta family

In return, Lilith promised to provide Mahala the book she had been so interested in getting her hands on.

In the end, Mahala stated she would do three of the four things as she made it clear that releasing Khan, the demon, was dangerous and not something that they knew they were getting into. However, as a sign of good faith, she did release Devon from the spell Yasmine had placed him under. Mahala seemed to know that Lilith would have to choose between releasing Emma Lee or releasing Khan.

However, as Molly attempted to cast some kind of spell, things went horribly wrong and she disappeared, only to reappear in the presence of Ferdinand Castalanta, his son, Ricard Castalanta and other members of the dragon family.

Back at the chapel, Mahala was livid and distraught, castigating the others for allowing Molly to continue to do irresponsible acts. Mahala regretted allowing Molly to be a full partner in her arcane arts, saying that she tried to bring her on as an apprentice but Molly’s hubris, likely fueled by Lilith and Emma Lee, showed Molly pushing for a full partnership. Mahala admitted to being in love with Molly and wanting to give her whatever she wanted, but realized it was a mistake to elevate Molly to full partner status. But she also knew that her love and adoration of Molly would likely result in her destruction or undoing as she was somehow blinded by her love for her.

Meanwhile, Molly was face to face with a corrupt family of dragons who were increasingly showing themselves to be the sinister antagonists to Molly’s story. When she pressed them for their motives, Ferdinand admitted that they were not cruel people but they had to eat. They had to survive and that he viewed San Luis Obispo as a garden and larder. Molly, admitting that the garden never gets to choose its own fate, she understood their predicament. Molly, in a bold move as she was completely out of her element, suggested that the Castalantas consider another target of useless of evil people, such as a prison or mental institution. The Castalantas seemed intrigued at the idea but had their own offer: they knew that Molly had some kind of relationship with the Consag, who they thought was dead. This shock to them caused them to demand that Molly hand over the Consag to them. They said they would consider Molly’s offer if she were to hand the centuries old witch to them. Molly left, exhausted over the negotiations, thinking they would kill her, and called the others to pick her up.

In the final negotiations with Mahala, unaware that Molly was talking to the Castalanta family, Lilith agreed to give up on hew quest (for now) to see her father. So Mahala stated she would release Emma Lee, work on a spell to prevent the Castalanta’s destruction and, of course, release Devon from his curse. In return the group handed over the book to her.

Devon went to get Molly and upon bringing her back to the chapel, they had a discussion of what to do. Mahala had stepped out for a moment, so they had the ability to speak in private. After deciding the course of action, they brought Mahala back in and proposed their idea: could Mahala bury the hatchet with the Castalanta family and turn their attention towards Carnamagos, instead? Perhaps Mahala and the family of dragons could set aside their ancient feud to destroy a greater evil. Mahala said she could do that but it would require the others going to the infamous House of Dust to take the fight to the ancient demon.

Final decisions were being made and a showdown was soon underway . . .


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