Yasmine Castalanta

The new girl


“Did you have a point to any of that?”

Yasmine Castalanta, along with her cousin, Raphael Castalanta, recently came to Carnamagos High after having been at a boarding school overseas for a couple of years. Prior to that, they had been home schooled as per the orders of the strict, Ferdinand Castalanta. Raphael and his cousin are still adjusting to public school after having been away for so long.

Yasmine is less approachable than her cousin and is far less outgoing. She has made minimal attempts to get to know many people. Whereas Raphael is arrogant and presents an air that he far better than anyone, at least he is more talkative than Yasmine. It is not uncommon for her to spend most of her time around him and if approached, it is clear she does her best to get out of the conversation as soon as she can. Not out of fear or shyness but out of disinterest

Other family members are well known individuals around town such as her uncle, Ricard Castalanta and her aunt, Phoebe Castalanta.

An incident that she and her cousin were supposedly involved with that seems to have been hushed up is a supposedly shoplifting attempt at Marshall’s Jewelers in downtown San Luis Obispo. Miranda Kelly claims to have seen the two of them talking to police and the manager of the store and then shortly after, Ferdinand Castalanta and the family lawyer arrive. But nobody else seems to have much information on this seedy scandal.

Yasmine Castalanta

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