Victor Sterling

Powerful and charismatic


“With this year’s summer line up, we can’t lose. Once the licenses roll in, the residuals get cashed and the European deal gets inked, we are looking at 23 more points, gentlemen.”

Victor Sterling sits atop the mighty Tri-Stone Pictures, a vast media empire that has divisions overseeing domestic Hollywood films, European markets, toy licensing arrangements and a growing video game market. And with the recent launch of Tri-Stone Home Streaming, a competitor to Netflix and Amazon Prime, the investors have shown Victor they have complete trust in his abilities.

Victor and his first wife, Angelica Sterling have lived in San Luis Obpiso for close to 17 years as Victor felt it would be easier for him to fly wherever he needed, rather than navigate the L.A. scene, directly. In fact, one of his first acts as studio head ten years ago was to purchase a building in downtown SLO to create a satellite headquarters from which is could control actions. His personal assistant, Gretchen Vause, greets him in the office lobby every morning, at least on days when he is not out of town.

Victor’s daughters, Melody Sterling and younger Molly Sterling, are his pride and joy, beyond anything else that the media success has brought him. Bucking the stereotype of shallow and vapid Hollywood insiders, Victor has gotten himself in a position where he truly can put family first. However, for as much as he loves his daughters, that was not enough to keep his marriage with Angelica Sterling intact. Once he discovered she had an affair with the under-aged Major Kindt, he filed for divorce. Whereas the divorce cost him half his fortune, he was able to retain partial custody of his two precious daughters. The family butler, Winston Werthers, however, oversees the day to day operations of preparing Molly for school and overseeing Melody’s schedule.

Currently, Victor is involved with Phoebe Castalanta, member of the enigmatic Castalanta Family, and is expected to marry her in the next few months. When he is not traveling around the world, inspecting various Tri-Stone divisions, he is spending time with his daughters, Phoebe, or building model ships in his study at the impressive Sterling House.

A year ago, Victor had some problems with his Senior BP of Marketing, Bryston Raines, when Raines was accused by his wife of abuse. As it turned out, Victor came to believe this was part of some ugly ploy to ruin Bryston’s reputation. And Victor, no stranger to wicked wives, stood by his friend in the end but not without some concern and hesitation.

Victor makes extensive use of his own security detail, Conrad Wilton, for any needs he has in that area while Wethers runs the household.

Victor Sterling

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