Solomon Kane

Leader of the banned


Solomon Kane, quite likely an alias, is the leader of the infamous Dia De Los Muertos Gang that operates out of the San Luis Obispo area. Kane, who seems to dabble in both occult practices and a slew of criminal activity (trafficking, prostitution, arson for hire and perhaps even murder for hire), is a dangerous and unstable individual whom the authorities have tried to pin crimes upon but as of yet, no avail. No witness is willing to step forward to accuse him and no associates are interested in turning on him; furthering the mystique he has built up.

There are few people who know the extent of Solomon’s abilities or even his true nature. Simon Parker, a student at Carnamagos High became aware in the most bleak way possible. Solomon was present the night Simon was murdered, having been drawn to his corpse, knowing it was rise again. When Simon finally took that gasp of air that brought him back to the land somewhere between the living and the dead, Solomon seemed to understand and Solomon tried to seduce him with power and riches and by joining as the 13th member of his inner circle. However, Simon refused, knowing that such positions were dangerous. Solomon did not take the rejected offer well, instead returning with veiled threats against the student.

Kane has become embroiled in the lives of not only Devon Lauer, but also that of Lilith Marid, Molly Sterling and Emma Lee Raines. He apparently has some connection to The Coyotes and maintains some control over or alliance with them, evidenced when he had them attack Lilith, Molly, Simon and Emma Lee at the beach.

Solomon Kane

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