Simon Parker

Formerly-dead student rejected by both Heaven and Hell


Strings on others:

Strings on me:

Skin: Ghoul
Concept: Angel of Wrath

Hot -1; Cold +3; Volatile +2; Dark 0

Skin Moves:

  • The Hunger
    You have a Hunger for fear (inflicting fear on others). When you heedlessly pursue a Hunger, add 1 to rolls. When you ignore a feeding opportunity, roll to hold steady.
  • Disaffected
    When you turn someone on, roll with Cold.
  • Short Rest for the Wicked
    When you die, wait it out. Some hours later, you wake up fully healed.
  • Satiety
    When you satiate a Hunger, choose one: heal one harm; remove a Condition; mark experience; carry 1 forward.
  • Gang (Abel, Cain, and The Library)
  • Ending
    You remember how you died. When you tell someone about it, give them the Condition Morbid, and roll to turn them on.
  • Smiting (from the Angel playbook)
    When smiting the wicked, add 1 to your lash out physically roll and add 1 harm to any harm dealt.
  • Guide My Hand (from the Faithful playbook)
    Whenever someone you have Strings with is in trouble (your call), you may spend a String you have with them to have you already be there, with or without any clear explanation why.

Sex Move
When you have sex with someone, treat it as though you had used the move Casting the Bones (even if you don’t have that move) and rolled a 10 up. Choose three options instead of two.

Casting the Bones
When you are offering wisdom, guidance, or advice to a friend and you gaze into the abyss, add the following options when you roll 10 up:

  • The visions show what your friend must do; they carry 1 forward.
  • The visions heal your friend; they may remove one condition.
  • Take a string on your friend.

Darkest Self
You will maim, kill and destroy anything in between you and the nearest object of your hunger. You will feed relentlessly. You escape your Darkest Self when someone restrains you or fends you off for long enough for you to regain your composure – at least thirty or forty minutes.


“Hell is emptied. Heaven is full, for all the righteous have left this world. Now it’s time to take out the trash.”

Simon’s visions in Black and White

Simon has an unusual hobby, that of creating costumes for cosplay. While he does good work, it’s not always perfect, and he was booted from a WoW raiding party because the raid leader didn’t like a costume he’d made. He does some work in preparation for BiMonSciFiCon, a BlizzCon imitator run by a local comic shop every other month.

Since the deaths at the local amusement park, Cheap Thrills, there have been legends that those who die in its Fun House have their souls bound to wander the grounds dressed as a clown. Legend holds that the bodies were found all those years ago, posed looking at the mirrors in the Fun House and dressed as clowns. Only Simon really believes this legend.

Simon’s father Amos Parker is an unsuccessful acting agent. He represented Bill Shatner back in the late 80s and early 90s, when Shatner’s best work was hosting Rescue 911. Eventually, Shatner fired Amos, who subsequently suffered a steady downward slide. Amos now represents actors and studios in the porn industry. One of his clients is Donna Digby, stepmother to Levi Digby, (who has gone missing). He also knows Victor Sterling, a studio mogul, and has worked with him.

Simon’s mother is Lenora Sconza, heir to the Sconza Candy Company fortune. When Amos lost Shatner as a client, though, it was the last straw. Lenora’s family gave her an ultimatum: give up the failing agent, or give up the family inheritance. She made the decision in what might have seemed like a microsecond: she left Amos and her children. She sends the children money occasionally and sends them lavish gifts for birthdays and holidays, but the loss of the mother is felt in the family.

Simon’s brother Evan is best friends with Molly Sterling, Victor’s daughter; each of them wears half of a “BFF” locket. Following Molly’s recent breakup with Tony Malone, Tony beat up Evan.

Last year, Simon got mixed up in the Pay for A cheating ring. He had developed a crush on the geometry teacher, Ms. Ives, so he felt additional motivation to master the subject. Later, Ms. Ives found out Simon was providing geometry solutions for the ring and pushed him to stop. Although her initial feeling was to report the ring, Ms. Ives discovered that Madeleine Lycan, the principal’s daughter, was a client of the ring, so she kept silent because she knew nothing good would come of exposing it. Major Kindt, the ringmaster, is not exactly pleased to have lost his star geometer.

A few months ago, Sophie Wessel, leader of the Cult of Vesta, was trying to pressure Lilith Marid into joining, and Lilith asked Quentin Castle to help discourage further advances. Once this happened Sophie made a run for the border, and Quentin recruited Simon to help him run Sophie to ground in Tijuana. Neither of them talks about what happened in Tijuana, but they killed Sophie. The new leader of the Cult of Vesta is Piper Stevens, and she has real power.

Although he hangs out with at least one of the members of the Dick Nixons, Simon actually prefers the music of the band Sister Sadness, who are named after the Sisters associated with Major Kindt. Simon finds talking about Sister Sadness to be an effective icebreaker.

At the last Dick Nixons concert, Molly Sterling “pulled out the ladies”, which caused Simon to develop a crush on her.

About a month ago, Simon died. He was following a shadowy figure whom he’d seen rifling through the locker of Lilith Marid. At each corner, the shadow would recede around the corner, until finally everything went dark. After that, Simon remembers waking up and being cast out of both Heaven and Hell because even the demons were afraid of him. Then he woke up somewhere else, next to Solomon Kane, the leader of the Dia De Los Muertos Gang. Kane knew instantly that they were similar if not alike and invited him into the gang, but Simon just could not be a part of that and didn’t want to be “Lucky Number 13”. Devon Lauer saw him die, but ran to get help and returned to find no body. Devon was surprised to find Simon walking around in school the next day.

Following the incident, he told his girlfriend, Giada Broadchurch, about having died. She flipped out and left him, and she has just joined the Cult of Vesta. Emma Lee Raines was more supportive of his story, and Simon has developed feelings for her, though he doesn’t really know whether it’s romantic feeling or admiration for her courage in dealing with family matters.

Simon Parker

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