Sharon Lake

A friend, indeed


“Just sign these and you’ll be all set. Trust me, I’m a lawyer.”

Sharon Lake is the best friend of Sabrina Marid. The two have been inseparable since their days at Carnamagos High. Sabrina and Sharon both went to the same college and where Sabrina majored in art and business, Sharon went into pre law and eventually law school, specializing in intellectual property.

Both women lived together when they started their careers, taking vacations together (including expensive cruises) and remaining very close over the years. Sharon has even acted as an aunt to Lilith Marid, as Lilith’s mother always had her around. Sharon, even aids in some of the parenting skills when Sabrina is out of town and has been set up as guardian in case anything would happen to Sabrina.

Sharon acts as Sabrina’s lawyer as well as the attorney of record for Louver. When not representing Sabrina, Sharon represents actors, musicians and artists, taking on the role of attorney and agent. (However, she withdraws herself when her artist clients deal with Sabrina’s studio.)

Sharon has a particular dislike of Hollis Dandy, seemingly knowing some of the sordid details that went on between Sabrina and Hollis.

Sharon Lake

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