Sam Hain

A servant of evil


Never giving his last name or telling whether ‘Sam’ is his actual first name, it is apparent that he is a servant of Carnamagos. It is Sam whom Emma Lee Raines met at the end of an old road near the forest at a cabin and delivered unto him the unconscious body of Lana Jones. Emma Lee waited outside the cabin, listening to horrible sounds before Sam emerged with bloody hands and offered her a ride back to town.

Sam was involved at the cabin when Molly Sterling and Simon Parker cast a spell to expel the demon, Carnamagos, from the body of Garret Larson. Sam escaped in the chaos, but is likely still in the San Luis Obispo area.

Several weeks later Sam appeared at Emma Lee’s home on the night before Thanksgiving. He broke into her house, looking for retaliation against her for the failure to destroy the Ebony Statue which was part of the arrangement Minerva Mink had made with her as a way to get back into the good graces of the demon. He rendered Sage Castle unconscious and as he stalked Emma Lee, he was surprised when she came out of a room with a weapon she had found, once belonging to her deceased mother, stabbing him through the heart, instantly killing him.

Sam Hain

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