Sage Castle

Found by her friends


“I guess the balcony looks safe.”

Sage Castle is the daughter of Luthor Castle and Melissa Castle and the sister to Quintin Castle.

Moving to San Luis Obispo with her family a few years ago, coming from the Big Sur Valley, she adjusted well and made many friends. She, along with her brother, were very popular, excelling in grades as well as athletics. Sage even had several boyfriends but nothing that rose to the level of a bad reputation. She did however, have a somewhat tawdry and secret relationship with Devon Lauer, in Diamond Cove. Devon kept this under wraps due to his on again/off again relationship with Molly Sterling, complicating things since the two girls were friends.

Sage was close with Emma Lee Raines. During an exploration of the woods behind Oro Hills, the two girls discovered a house, (House of Dust), that they explored. The house was seemingly abandoned or haunted or both. The two girls were separated and it was here that Sage was saved by Emma Lee.

When Sage attended a cliff side party in northern Avila Beach, at the Baycliff Hotel, witnesses describe how she went out on the balcony for a breath of fresh air. Within moments the balcony collapsed even though it held minimal weight and nothing unusual was scene. It was ruled as nothing more than a freak accident. Sage’s family was devastated, with the worsened impact that she was swept out to sea, her body never having been found, remaining a mystery to the present day.

In a strange twist of events, the team of Emma Lee Raines, Lilith Marid, Simon Parker, Devon Lauer and Quintin Castle managed to not only locate Sage but rescue her from a dungeon where she had been kept. By using the Demon Glass, a powerful relic, they were able to cross over through the mirror to the location where Sage was being held and come away with their friend. It was still not entirely clear as to who had taken her or for what reason.

The story her parents floated to the community is that she had been suddenly taken away to a rehab center for an undiagnosed eating disorder, something Sage reluctantly agreed to go with.

Sage Castle

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