Sabrina Marid

A dealer in high end art


Looking for just the right piece for your beach house? I have just the thing for you.

Stylish and full of confidence, Sabrina Marid operates the art gallery, Louver in downtown San Louis Obispo, just directly off Diamond Avenue. Widely considered the community’s foremost art expert – especially regarding modern art – Ms. Marid is the hostess to numerous events throughout the month, combining art, culture and mixers, intended for the elite to get together and perhaps find the perfect artist for their needs. Her best friend, Sharon Lake, acts as her attorney in both personal and professional matters.

Sabrina is the mother of Lilith Marid and, understandably, one of the more hip and open minded parents at the school, maintaining an almost relationship of equals with her daughter. Their relationship is close and for the most part Sabrina treats Lilith like an adult. Sharon, who is often present, even aids in some of the parenting skills when Sabrina is out of town and has been set up as guardian in case anything would happen to Sabrina.

As to the identity of Lilith’s father, Sabrina has kept that a deep secret. It seems as if she has never told anyone, not even her closest friends, and becomes very silent and secretive when the topic comes up.

Sabrina was once dating the notorious Hollis Dandy, owner of the Dandy Cakes Company but not only did the relationship end poorly but it ended amid rumor of abuse and other bad actions.

Sabrina Marid

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