Ricard Castalanta

A mysterious playboy


“When I look at you, I see an endless, timeless beauty. I would love to spend more time with such grace and loveliness.”

Ricard Castalanta, is a member of the mysterious Castalanta Family and the younger brother of Phoebe Castalanta. His father, Ferdinand Castalanta is the family patriarch, and unlike much of the rest of his family, a recluse.

Ricard is considered one of the city’s most eligible bachelors and would be more sought after if not for the sinister beats that his family seems to garner from the population. Whereas Ricard as often seen at some of the more trendy nightclubs and restaurants in the area, he has recently been leaving the area to meet women, as his reputation precedes him, for better or for worse.

At one point, Ricard was briefly involved with Sabrina Marid but the relationship did not pan out for an unknown reason.

Ricard Castalanta

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