Regina Sloan

An actress


“Of course I got the lead part.”

Self absorbed and shallow, Regina Sloan has always done what she wanted and bucked the trend. Considered something of a loner and, she keeps to a small group of friends in the drama club. She alone, seems to keep the passion for the drama club alive and nobody seems to mind that she gets cast as the lead actress in almost every production. But, to be fair, by most accounts, she is talented. So much so that she spends most of her time outside of school involved in high level acting classes and semi-professional productions.

However, there is one activity that Emma Lee Raines is aware she is involved with and that is having a sexual relationship – however brief – with Dante Rocha, the boyfriend of Mahala KIndt. Emma Lee has, as of yet said nothing to anyone about what she saw at the parking lot of The Groove.

Regina Sloan

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