Raphael Castalanta

The new guy


“This place is fine if you consider it actually living.”

Raphael Castalanta, along with his cousin, Yasmine Castalanta, recently came to Carnamagos High after having been at a boarding school overseas for a couple of years. Prior to that, they had been home schooled as per the orders of the strict, Ferdinand Castalanta. Raphael and his cousin are still adjusting to public school after having been away for so long.

There is a certain arrogance or confidence in the young man as he clearly gives off the impression that he is not only smarter than everyone around him but also far more cultured and advanced than everyone at the high school. However, he has been seen attending some of the same events and usual hang outs that his contemporaries seem to enjoy, such as Club Karma and The Groove.

Other family members are well known individuals around town such as his uncle, Ricard Castalanta and his aunt, Phoebe Castalanta.

An incident that he and his cousin were supposedly involved with that seems to have been hushed up is a supposedly shoplifting attempt at Marshall’s Jewelers in downtown San Luis Obispo. Miranda Kelly claims to have seen the two of them talking to police and the manager of the store and then shortly after, Ferdinand Castalanta and the family lawyer arrive. But nobody else seems to have much information on this seedy scandal.

Increasingly, Emma Lee Raines has been seen with Raphael and in a recent encounter, Emma Lee and Raphael shared a passionate and intimate moment at the Castalanta estate where he revealed that although he had an interest in her, he also had unresolved feelings for Lilith Marid. He went on to say that his grandfather, Ferdinand, was an evil force that was behind much of the strange and arcane forces in town. In fact, his family’s influence was so powerful that the entire town would fall into ruin and despair and that only a few would be saved. Raphael offered for Emma Lee to be one of those individuals who could be spared.

Raphael Castalanta

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