Piper Stevens

Now she runs the show


“To me death is not a fearful thing. It’s living that’s cursed.”

Piper Stevens took over the Cult of Vesta after Sophie Wessel disappeared after fleeing to Tiujana. Of course, for the few people who know what the Cult of Vesta is, this is very interesting, but for the vast majority who are unfamiliar with the Cult, it merely seems like Piper became the head of a clique of girls. Giada Broadchurch seems to be her closest confidant.

Whereas Sophie was very much a girl with her head in the clouds and borderline Wiccan-goofy, Piper is far more shrewd and calculating in everything she does. She keeps a copy of the 48 Laws of Power in her backpack at all times and seems to quell any possible uprisings in hr clique with ruthless efficiency. This attitude she maintains seems at odds with the personality she likes to have others see and that is of an artist and poet with dreams of an art school education. This is merely a facade to those who knew her – she is an emotionally brutal cult leader.

She and her underlings spend time on Diamond Avenue and after Sophie disappeared, they went from frequenting The Groove to hanging out at the more adult Club Karma but even that seems somewhat pedestrian by her standards. Word has it, they are looking for another club.

Recently, Piper and Giada got wind that Molly Sterling had the ability to contact the spirits of the dead. They used this knowledge to convince Molly to contact Sophie in an effort to convince her to provide them guidance and instructions. However, Molly’s magic went awry and she actually managed to summon Sophie who inhabited the body of Betty Swain, one of Molly’s dearest friends.

Piper Stevens

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