Molly Sterling


HOT: 0*
VOLATILE: 0 (leveled up from last episode)
DARK: 1*

Experience Points


Sympathetic Tokens
Quintin Castle
- He gains +1 whenever he defends me. We have a spirit connection.
- His fang Was burned up in a hex trying to communicate with Sophie Wessel in Episode 3.
- I have a key to his house.

I have strings on:
Simon Parker: 1
Quintin Castle: 3
Emma Lee Raines: 0
Devon Lauer: 1
Lilith Marid: 0
Candice Stephens (n):0
Major Kindt: 1

Strings others have on me:
Simon Parker: 0
Quintin Castle: 3
Emma Lee Raines: 0
Devon Lauer: 0
Lilith Marid: 1


Molly’s Dreams
Molly’s Journal

Molly’s Shit LIst
- Piper StevensCondition: Intimidated by Molly (from this episode) Cornered Molly in a bathroom and attempted to bully information out of her about the summoning of Sophie Wessel in Episode #.
- Anthony Malone – Molly’s aggressive ex-boyfriend. He ded.

- I promised Betty Swain I would help her pick out a guy to pursue and then I’d see if I can get them together.
- I am going to ask Dad if he can help us procure a celebrity judge for the Battle of the Bands idea that Lilith Marid thought up!

Molly’s Journal

Betty picks out a dick date (and drops a creepy picture)…
Soo Betty and I were hanging out in my bedroom. I promised her last week that I’d hook her up with a handsome if she promised to relax and try a date or two for once!!!!!

OMG She picked a good one!! She decided she wants to go after Brice Wooden. I don’t know him well, but I think Evan and/or Simon Parker know him pretty well. I told her, no promises, but we can put our feelers out.

I asked her about the Photography Club. She said it was going pretty well. Actually, she said they’re surviving. I asked her what they’re shooting and she said mostly each other and close up pictures of flowers. Maybe it would be a good idea to get them working with the paper, or taking pictures at school club meetings and events.

A really weird picture fell out of her pile of photographs. It was a picture of that creepy statue outside the high school. It was weird… It was… Shimmering…. I pushed it under my bed with my foot. I hope she doesn’t notice.

Lana Jones (n) better keep her nose where it belongs…
Lana Jones (n) was being such a nosy reporter!! She was asking me about the song Molly’s Folly. I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. What a bitch. She knows very well that song is about me.

Although… I was chatting with Lilith and she’s right – fuck it. Ima own it. Hell yeah it is about me! Lilith says the song thrusts me into infamy. Somehow I think she would enjoy infamy more than I.

Such a release!
I overheard Lilith talking to Coach Brachen about organizing the Battle of the Bands and having the Cheerleading team organize and sponsor the event. I think it is a good idea. Haha She was kissing coach’s ass sucking up about cross fit. She was gushing about the benefits. Sex. She means sex. Hahaha

I fell asleep in history and slept past the bell. I have algebra in the same room/seat the next session. I made an ass out of myself when the teacher called on me. She asked for the answer to a math problem and I started rattling on about Nepoleon invading Russia. Now everyone is calling me Nepoleon. #OMGcomeON!

Piper Stevens is now on the Shit List
Piper Stevens and Giada Broadchurch cornered me in the bathroom before cheerleading practice. Piper got in my face, asking about how I made contact with Sophie Wessel – her friend who died. I told her sarcastically that it was magic. I can tell she believed me… I thought she would think I was bluffing… I wonder if she has any abilities. Maybe Quintin and I aren’t the only ones. She smeared lipstick on my face and tried to bully me into giving her information . [I rolled to shut her down and rolled a 9. I chose that each of us would take a condition. Piper has the condition Intimidated, I have the condition Embarrassed .]

I know I’m quiet, but I’m not a door mat. This girl clearly does not know who she is dealing with. I shut her down and told her what’s what. Regardless, I feel SO embarrassed. I was basically beat up in the bathroom and had lipstick smeared all over my face. I was so keep to get out of there that I completely forgot that bitch smeared lipstick on my face. She’s on my shit list.

The Next Day

6am Cross Fit… Let’s get Betty a dick date!
Coach called us in the middle of the night and called us in to do 6am Cross Fit. We started talking about Brice Wooden and Betty. He broke his leg playing soccer a couple of months ago (really bad break apparently). He’s doing a lot better, but he’s still in a cast and so he’s still on the sidelines. I doubt he’ll play this season, but he is warming the bench in support of his team. I heard a rumor he also joined the Chess Club. Weird for a jock.

Anyway, I was chatting with Emma Lee about getting Betty to come take photos of the soccer team (and cheerleaders of course) as a part of the Photography Club. Maybe it would be a good opportunity to introduce them. Emma Lee asked if she needed to be friends with Betty. I told her of course she doesn’t have to, but I’d highly reccommend it. I like Betty. I think she’d have much more fun if she’d just lighten up a bit, put down the books, and put a dick in her mouth… Or at least go see a movie with a guy. #HandyOptional.

Davey Jones… He ded.
Principal Lycan announced this morning that Dave Jones was killed in a wild animal attack!! I didn’t know him well, but I had a class with him last year. He’s SO young!! And what a completely horrible way to die!!

Emma Lee took advantage of an opportunity to skip class. I followed suit. It wasn’t until later that we found out that anyone missing class for mourning purposes had to visit the counselor. JOY. I totally wanted to see Mom today.

Angelica tries to give guidance and SUCKS AGAIN!
Angelica as usual was zero help as a guidance counselor. She’d probably be better at it if she wasn’t so busy getting busy with the attractive male student body(s). She told me that she thinks Emma Lee is a bad influence. As I was sitting there skipping class and lying about being upset about the dead kid I couldn’t help but think that maybe she is right. Still… She should mind her own fucking business. She’s almost as good at mothering as she is at her job as a Guidance Counselor. Almost…

Fuck you too, Miranda Kelly, it’s good to see you again.
Miranda Kelly motioned to me earlier today and mouthed across the room that she wanted to speak with me. I haven’t really talked to her in a very long time. We used to be friends…. We used to sit at the same lunch table almost every day in Junior High.

After school she pulled me aside. She’s mad at Quintin. I understand why she is mad. She may actually be justified… Doesn’t change the fact that she is mentally unstable. She heard that I’m mad at Quintin and wanted me to join her for REVENGE.

I told her that I’m Sweden. I’m neutral. Quintin is my friend. I feel connected to him. Not in an attraction kind of way (I mean, don’t get me wrong, I slept with him for a reason… Gent is stacked in all the right ways. ) but that’s not what I mean.

He’s the only person who knows about the visions and about the spell book and hexes. I’m the only one or one of the few who knows about his monthly friend. Miranda Kelly wouldn’t understand… Not to mention that it isn’t her business.

I told her that I’m not taking sides… But that she should talk to Emma Lee Raines. She is pissed at him too at the moment. I gave Emma Lee a heads up. Emma Lee will humor Miranda Kelly enough to shut her up, but she would never betray our Quintin. Emma asked me why I’m so mad at Quintin. “It’s not like he killed someone.” EEk.

Molly Sterling

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