Miranda Kelly

An unlikely film star


“Quintin is an asshole. A serious asshole.”

Miranda Kelly was the considered the best reporter for the Carney Crier. She had a strong interest in going into college journalism and was looking at various scholarships. She was considered an excellent high school journalist with human interest stories from the point of view of the unfortunate, the destitute and society’s ignored. One incident, however, set off a chain of events that destroyed all of this for her.

Miranda began looking into various activities Lilith Marid was involved with. This, however, concerned Lilith and she called in her friend, Quintin Castle to get her off the case, so to speak. The scheme Quintin put into place involved not just seducing Miranda but also filming it. This video, known as the Miranda Kelly Sex Video circulated around the school not only ruining her reputation but getting her kicked off the newspaper, destroying her chances of a journalism scholarship.

Naturally, the police and faculty got involved with the investigation but no proof could lead directly back to Quintin. This misery was compounded when Alexa Tremane, Quintin’s highly unstable ex-girlfriend, threatened to kill Miranda.

To this day, Miranda is a constant mess, retains a deep hatred of Quintin and has encouraged her friends to adopt the same attitude. Miranda has little else to do than plot a revenge against him. She still has a friendship with Lana Jones, who is still on the Carney Crier.

Miranda Kelly

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