Minerva Mink

A little crazy


“No. I have an even better idea. A good idea.”

Minerva is the servant, sent by Carnamagos to help Emma Lee Raines in her service to him. Whether Minerva is a ghost, a demon sent from the pits or something else entirely is unknown but she sees herself as Emma Lee’s sidekick, to help her further the goals of her dark master.

Whatever power Minerva possesses, she has been able to insert herself into the memories of other students at the school as they all seem to vaguely remember her being around all these years, sitting behind them in some class or another.

The erratic and eccentric behavior she exhibits, as well as her desire to say whatever pops into her head is certain to be more trouble than it is worth for Emma Lee.

Increasingly, showing her danger and psychic nature, Minerva attacked Lilith Marid, telling her to back off threatening Emma Lee. After transforming into a horrific demonic creature, Minerva was fought off by Lilith, but not before revealing her position as a supernatural servant of Carnamagos.

Minerva Mink

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