Melody Sterling

A recovering drug addict


“You have no idea of the demons I am struggling with. Really . . . "

Melody is the older sister of Molly Sterling and a recent graduate of Carnamagos High. While the two were always close growing up, in high school they drifted apart. Molly found her own group of friends and Melody fell in with the wrong crowd, namely the crowd lead by Major Kindt, a student at the school and the leader of a small criminal empire.

Melody found that she not only had the money to pay for whatever recreational substances she wanted that Major was offering, but she became addicted to the party lifestyle as much as she became addicted to the drugs, themselves. Eventually Major talked her into doing more unsavory things for him as she fell further and further under his sway.

As the situation worsened, especially after graduation, Melody was doing very little with her life other than partying, sleeping around and doing more drugs than her body could handle. Molly and her father intervened, sending her to rehab and helping her get her life back together.

Melody emerged on shaky ground but the program her father paid for was top-notch. Currently, she is attending Cal Poly, studying Viticulture, living at home, hoping that this would be a better influence on her than having her own place.

Melody Sterling

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