Matt Straker

An extremely popular student


“Just looking at you, I can tell you’re looking for a good time.”

Matt Straker is arguably one of the most popular kids at Carnamagos High. His popularity stems from his good looks, but also his money and his ability to quickly throw together parties for almost any occasion. His parents have an impressive beach house on Avila Beach with ample beachfront property. His friendship with members of both the Dick Nixons as well as Sister Sadness allows him to get the two groups to often show up to play some gigs.

Matt has been dating Marlina Strauss since the start of high school. Marlina does not exactly approve of Matt’s wild lifestyle with his parties and dangerous antics but puts up with it as she seems to truly love him. It is rare to see them both together at the beach parties since, as she claims ’they’re exhausting.’ But despite the antics at the parties, Matt has never strayed from her, the girl he truly seems to love.

Over the summer Matt and his closest friends had to answer some very difficult questions from the police when Dean de la Vega disappeared from one of his beach parties. Someone – nobody is clear who – dared Dean and some others to do some night surfing. Dean disappeared which has weighed on Matt’s conscience, for months. Matt’s brother, Drake, was also one of the surfers but Drake returned that fateful night.

Matt Straker

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