Marisol Garza

Someone with a nasty disposition


“Hola, bitches!”

Marisol Garza, one of the wealthy and privileged members of Oro Hills, comes from a rather large family. Her father, a Mexican immigrant and the owner of Graza Landscaping, a major gardening company throughout the state, has provided his children with everything they ever wanted. In Marisol’s case, it involves a convertible Porsche.

Marisol mentioned that she feared ‘El Chupacabra’ was living behind her house and when Simon Parker, Emma Lee Raines, Lilith Marid and Molly Sterling agreed to investigate, Marisol was thrilled, even though she could not help but look down on Molly, a mistake that Marisol would come to regret. Even though no Chupacabra was found, Molly put a hex on Marisol to make her think that the ghost of the Chupacabra was stalking her.

Marisol Garza

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