Major Kindt

A youthful criminal mastermind


“Is it a crime to fight for what’s mine?”

Major Kindt, is well known to just about everyone at Carnamagos High. Popular, wealthy and definitely not one to be crossed due to his status as not only a drug dealer but also as the architect of the infamous Pay for A enterprise, he is well known to the faculty and his name has even crossed the desks of the local police department. (However, they are not aware of just how much money he is pulling in or how deep his payoffs run, especially with regard to Deputy Cody Winters.)

Major, however, is charming, friendly and generally outgoing to other students. The faculty at Carnamagos High, however, see right through him and extend no trust whatsoever, Therefore he has to keep his charm and stay one step ahead of everyone. However, due to his fiercely loyal underlings, he knows he is almost untouchable.

Most of the enforcement is done by his Sisters his gang of female loyalists who threaten, bully and harass anyone he tells them to lean on. The reputation for ruthlessness is well deserved as their actions have lead to more than one hospitalization. The Sisters consist of Bianca Walsh, Rita James and Roalia Spahn.

There are numerous individuals who have come in and out of Major’s orbit, including Simon Parker, Emma Lee Raines, Melody Sterling and Alexa Tremane. Though one individual who has not been a part of his schemes, oddly, is his actual sister, Mahala Kindt. She seems to want little to do with his criminal antics. Though, it is clear that Major has some kind of sway over females as his closest associates and underlings are female.

Major’s parents may or may not be oblivious. Major’s father, Sherwood Kindt, is an international investment banker and spends much of his time in London. His mother, Holland Kindt, is an modeling agent who also spends much of her time out of the country, leaving the day to day care of their children with their maid. But based upon Major’s activities, the maid is clearly a figurehead.

The origins of Major’s charm and charisma is truly a mystery to some. There are those who credit his personality, those who credit his sexual prowess as his control over the women in his life and then there are those who wonder if there is something more. One such sexual conquest of his was reportedly, Angelica Sterling, the wife of Victor Sterling and mother of Molly Sterling. This led to the end of the Sterling marriage and created some understandable angst between Major and Molly Sterling.

Quintin Castle was an unlikely ally for Major when he recently thwarted an attack on him. Major’s main rival Noah Wilton, waited until a time when the sisters were separated from Major and ambushed him outside the Quick Stop for a beating. As the situation turned dire, Quintin swooped in and beat back Major’s attackers while he lay unconscious. Molly called for an ambulance and they fled the scene. Later, the Sister’s took credit for the save, telling Major that they arrived just in time. After hearing this, Quintin approached Bianca Walsh, one of the Sisters, and told her that he knew what really happened at the Quick Stop Incident. When Bianca tried to tell Quintin that he was full of shit, he produced the surveillance video from the the store. Quintin let Bianca know that she owned him a favor and he would come calling soon…

Recently, Molly Sterling discovered that Major may have some power of persuasion. Major Kindt, the main reason for the divorce of Molly’s parents, seemed to be a welcome figure inside Molly’s home, at least by her father. Major made some fairly disturbing comments in front of her father that did not even cause him to flinch.

Major Kindt

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