Mahala Kindt

Major's quiet sister


“Don’t get me involved with Major and all his bullshit. I want no part of it.”

Mahala Kindt is the sister of Major Kindt, attending Carnamagos High. Like her brother, she has a wide berth in that her parents, Sherwood Kindt and Holland Kindt, are world travelers, leaving the two children in the care of their maid at their estate.

Mahala generally keeps to herself and does not associate with the same crowd of hangers on that hang out with her brother. She seems to have no use for the Sisters or any of his drug friends. Instead, she has her own small group of friends, mostly artists, musicians and drama students. In fact, the boy she is seeing, Dante Rocha, is an aspiring stage magician, ventriloquist and doll maker. In short, she prefers the simple lifestyle as opposed to her brother’s insane and abrasive lifestyle. He often practices his routine with Mr. Mumbles at her house.

For a short time she dated J.J. Ross of the Dick Nixons but things never really worked out for one reason or another. She told her friends that it had to do with the long hours he spent after school practicing and not hanging out with her.

However, for as different as she is from Major, they do have some similarities, namely the fact that she likes having friends around her and it is not uncommon for her to hold parties at their estate and sleepovers with her friends. Since the caretaker, her legal guardian, dares to not defy her or Major, Mahala does what she wants.

Recently, a horrible truth was revealed about Mahala. When Simon Parker, Emma Lee Raines, Lilith Marid and Molly Sterling looked at the DVD of Emma Lee’s birthday that everyone seemed interested in, they discovered, after several critical viewings, that Mahala was not present. Additionally, when they examined some early yearbooks, she was not there either. However, each of them had distinct and sharp memories of her as a child. When Mahala was confronted, she admitted that she was the notorious Consag, proposing a deal with them. However, the teens seemed to what little to do with her, with the exception of Molly who was intrigued by her offer.

Mahala Kindt

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