Lenora Sconza

A candy heiress


Lenora Sconza is the ex wife of Amos Parker and the mother of Simon and Evan Parker. Her marriage slowly fell apart with Amos after she realized his career as a media agent began to crumble. When given a choice by her family to leave him and her boys, she left without a hesitation. This made her look like a bitch and a horrible mother, but she has yet to really explain her motives.

Whereas her contact with her sons is limited, it is not nonexistent. She seems to remember their birthdays as well as the holidays and often sends them something. She also seemed to have fond memories of her son Evan’s friend, Molly Sterling and may still keep in touch with her mother, Angelica Sterling.

Lenora’s fortune comes from her family’s ownership of the" Sconza Candy Company":http://sconzacandy.com/, a giant in the candy and confections market.

Lenora Sconza

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