Jeremy Lokota

A sassy friend who tells it like it is


“Well, aren’t you a little bitch?”

Jeremy Lokota is one of Emma Lee Raines’ oldest and dearest friends. She was there for him when he came out and announced to everyone he was gay, two years ago. Ever since, Jeremy has been fiercely loyal to her, giving her advice even though much of it is often tough love. His running commentary on her choices of boyfriends, choices of clothing and how she should run her affairs, allows him to double as an informal life coach. Of course, his salty advice, mostly unsolicited, is freely offered to anyone in Emma Lee’s social circle.

Jeremy is confident in his alternative lifestyle, and has prepared himself for the life ahead of him. He decided long ago that he was not going to take any shit from anyone and never backs down from a confrontation. He works out and is in shape enough to defend himself from the possibility of being physically bullied or harassed for the choices he has made and for what he is. He decided that being vocal and open was the only way he would escape a life of torment and ridicule from small minded people.

He does not seem to have any true animosity towards any of Emma Lee’s friends, but finds biting wit and sarcasm his best defense in an awkward world.

Jeremy has a weakness. He loves being photographed, posing for the camera and taking a lot of selfies that he posts on his social media accounts.

Jeremy Lokota

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