Giselle Babineaux

The classiest girl in school


“Honestly, we have a responsibility to set a good example.”

Giselle Babineaux is the Junior Class President at Carnamagos High, elected due to her grace, general concern for those around her and the fact that she is generally seen as the most trustworthy individual at the school. Showing genuine concern for her friends and classmates, as well as those she doesn’t know, gives off a good impression.

She has long been friends with Lilith Marid and the two have maintained a special bond over the years.

Giselle and her younger brother, Claude, come from a good home and have parents that are unlike some of the others in that they downplay materialism and promote good values to their children. This has resulted in Giselle being a leader and trying to set good examples to those around her.

One of her most endearing traits is her stance on bullying and inclusion. She has spearheaded the anti-bullying campaign at Carnamagos and has been at the forefront of ensuring a welcoming environment to those around her.

Recently, she has made great efforts to ensure Carnamagos has been a positive and strong environment for Sammy Girard, who transitioned over the summer, into Elsa Girard. Doing everything she could to make Elsa’s return one of respect and acceptance, Giselle enlisted Lilith and some of Lilith’s friends to ensure this was as non-traumatic for Elsa as possible.

Giselle Babineaux

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