Georgia Campbell

The leader of the band


“My music tells me everything you need to know about me.”

Georgia Campbell is the lead singer and lead guitarist for Sister Sadness, a rock band comprised of students from Carnamagos High. The other band members, Tricia ‘Trippy’ Rhodes, Alexandra Kent, and Wendy Cho like to play loud and emotional when they perform, making Georgia and the band a well loved and popular group for venues.

Georgia is deep and thoughtful with her lyrics, which is why the band has difficulty coming up with new songs. Georgia painstakingly ensures that the lyrics she puts out are worthy of either a criticism on something that is under her skin, a satire against someone or, when she is feeling cheap, an attack on an ex.

One area of stress exists with the band and that is the relationship between Alexandra, the drummer, and Georgia. The two do get along but sometimes things degenerate between the two as Georgia calls into question Alexandra’s seriousness. Georgia thinks Alexandra is only in the band to fuck as many guys as she can and Alexandra thinks Georgia can be, from time to time, a ‘prudish lesbian bitch.’

Georgia is a lesbian . . . or bisexual . . . or neither. To anyone who asks, she will admit that she is still trying to figure that out. But one dalliance she had a year ago was with Molly Sterling. Whatever relationship they had, Georgia took it far more seriously than Molly and was stunned when she discovered that Molly was merely experimenting at the time and never had the same feelings that Georgia had for her. Her current favorite song, ’Molly’s Folly’ is a hit with her audience and seems to be ‘dedicated’ to her time with Molly Sterling.

Georgia, while drunk an on board Sasha Carter’s yacht, approached Molly and accused her of breaking her heart. Molly, feeling some sympathy for the situation, decided to sleep with Georgia in an attempt to either rekindle the relationship or placate Georgia. Either way, Molly made the decision to start dating Georgia, even though she insisted it not be an exclusive arrangement.

Georgia Campbell

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