Ferdinand Castalanta

An eccentric patriarch


“You will soon see what exactly I will not tolerate.”

As the head of the mysterious and enigmatic Castalanta Family, there is little known about him but there are those who are intrigued and want to know more. Ferdinand lives in the family home, the oldest in Oro Hills and most of the rest of his clan live there with him.

He is reported to provide a strict upbringing with his family, from what little has been gathered from two of his more public-facing, children, Phoebe Castalanta and Ricard Castalanta. He has very specific criteria that he wishes for his family to adhere to and stepping outside of that is something that . . . concerns him.

Recently, two of his grandchildren, Raphael and Yasmine, have been placed in Carnamagos High, after having been in boarding school outside of the country.

Whereas outsiders are normally unwelcome, there are rare instances when visitors have been brought into the home for special events or because someone in his family has invited them. He is reported to have an icy stare and a cold demeanor to most, contributing to an extremely unsettling experience.

Ferdinand Castalanta

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