Elsa Girard

Technically, the new girl in school


“I just want to be treated normally and not like some kind of freak.”

Up until recently, Elsa Girard was ‘Sammy Girard,’ an awkward and socially estranged student at Carnamagos High. It was a hardly a surprise to anyone when Sammy came out his junior year but what was more shocking is when Sammy decided to transition into Elsa and due to some outside stresses, sat out the first few weeks of school as she began to adjust to her new life.

Upon deciding to return in mid-October, Elsa contacted the class president, Giselle Babineaux, someone she trusted, to help her return. Giselle, in turn, enlisted several classmates, including Simon Parker, Emma Lee Raines, Molly Sterling and her best friend, Lilith Marid.

Elsa’s return was not as smooth as she would have hoped but was better than expected. Lilith even suggested that Miranda Kelly work with Elsa to tell the story of her journey in hopes of getting a teen Freedom Award from the experience.

Rumors persist that despite Elsa’s grace in returning amid difficult circumstances, there may be a darker side. Some say that she is dealing Party, the drug popularized by Solomon Kane and his gang.

Elsa Girard

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