Drake Straker

Bitter over the breakup


“Despite the break-up, Emma Lee is off limits.”

Drake Straker is the brother of the popular Matt Straker and the former devoted boyfriend of Emma Lee Raines.

Drake and Emma Lee grew up as childhood friends and did what everyone assumed they would do, upon getting to high school – began dating. From every appearance, Drake is completely and utterly devoted to Emma Lee, and the few times he is not with her, he is following in his brother’s shadow, going to the wild beach parties and trying to convince Emma Lee to go with him.

But there are a scant few who think maybe that everything is not as perfect as it is on the surface. Whereas Drake and Emma Lee look about as perfect a couple as Matt and his girlfriend, Marlina Strauss, Emma Lee does not always look as enthused as perhaps she should. Miranda Kelly, a girl who sees herself as the star journalist, once commented, ’there’s more cracks in that than a Tijuana strip club.’

Drake was killed in March when Yasmine Castalanta used him as a ploy to get to Emma Lee. When he attempted to warn Emma Lee, Yasmine became enraged, turned into her dragon form and burned him alive before Emma Lee’s very eyes.

That said, it cannot be downplayed how perfect everyone seems to think Drake and Emma Lee are, as well as how lucky most girls think Emma Lee is to have such an attractive, well-liked, athletic guy at her beck and call.

However, at a recent party at the home of Gunner Holz, Emma Lee made a very public breakup with Drake, causing him to feel dejected and lost.

Drake Straker

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