Donna Digby

A budding real estate mogul


“I can get you into a fine 3 bedroom; 2 bath by the end of the week.”

Donna Digby is the second wife of Dr. Frank Digby and the step-mother of Levi Digby (who went missing several months ago). Dr. Frank Digby, a plastic surgeon in the area, has a lucrative practice in the area, while Donna Digby has been using her real estate license to put people in residential real estate for several years.

Real estate has been booming in San Luis Obispo in recent years as people have been fleeing the southern part of California for more economical areas in the middle of California. The relocation of Tri-Stone Pictures, under Victor Sterling has certainly contributed to the shift, as well.

But there are those who know a little more about Mrs. Digby than she would have liked. Those in the know recall that Mrs. Digby was once known as ‘Connie Cummz’ in the adult entertainment industry, represented by Amos Parker.

After Levi disappeared, the entire community was under suspicion as the hunt for the young man was underway. It was at this point that increased scrutiny from authorities pried into the past of both Mr. and Mrs. Digby and the stories began surfacing.

Donna Digby

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