Deputy Cody Winters

A cop doing things he shouldn't


Deputy Winters is a fairly recent graduate of Carnamagos High, having graduated two years ago. Even though it firmly rests in a ‘grey area,’ Deputy Winters is romantically involved with Molly Sterling, something the department would not look favorably upon and Molly’s father, Victor Sterling would be most displeased even though their ages are not too far apart. The two met in high school and had an on again/off again relationship, rekindled when Molly realized that none of the guys in her life were mature enough or interesting enough for her to be with. Further, he is a prime physical specimen, having looks and a body much better than the boys in school.

Overall, Deputy Winters is a good guy, and upholds the law and is a decent role model. However, there is one area that would most certainly get him fired and likely prosecuted – his relationship with Major Kindt. What few people realize is that he is on Major’s payroll, taking bribes to look the other way from his various criminal enterprises. Based upon her dislike of Major, Molly would be extremely displeased ot discover this.

Due to Molly’s increasing interest in Gunner Holz, she decided to break things off with Cody. He did not take it well but in a subsequent encounter with Emma Lee Raines, the two shared an intimate moment, followed by Emma Lee revealing that Molly and Gunner had a thing behind his back.

Deputy Cody Winters

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