Cyprus March

The ringleader of the haunted carnival


“Buy your ticket, take your chances.”

By all evidence, Cyprus March appears to be a ghost, inhabiting the grounds of the closed amusement park, Cheap Thrills. After summoning Simon Parker to the closed park, Cyprus told Simon, along with the friends he brought (Lilith Marid, Emma Lee Raines and Molly Sterling) that the answers to the death of Lana Jones lie in not only the House of Dust but also with the Castalanta Family, who he cautioned were run by Ferdinand Castalanta, who he claimed was an ancient wizard. But as far as who killed Lana, it was a cross country serial killer who went by the name, Sam Hain.

As Cyprus took them on the tour of the amusement park, the place seemed to come alive (so to speak) with his friends and associates, likely others who had died nearby and had come to exist at the park. The Cheap Thrills Gang seemed to be as good a name as any for the band of outcasts, ghosts and demons. Among some of the ghosts and ghouls that roamed the grounds were Dr Voltaire, the Ghoul Sisters and Holly and Folly as well as the Clowns. Cyrpus also mentioned a mysterious, but never encountered, Lady Dark

Cyprus seemed to suggest that he and his followers were unable to leave the grounds but needed those on the outside to do his bidding for him. In return for favors performed, he could give answers and favors. He even provided Simon with a small doll to aid him in his search for what happened to Lana.

Cyprus March

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