Candice Stephens

Cruel and biting


“Most people at this school are beneath me but they are still just tall enough to kiss my ass.”

Candice Stephens is one of the most vicious and mean spirited members of the squad. Always something nasty or catty to say about someone, she had never learned to keep her mouth shut as she just can’t help herself from saying something awful or tossing out a scathing critique on anyone, no matter how small or how deeply cutting it is.

Recently, while discussing the possibilities for a theme for the Homecoming Dance, she proposed, in a dark and cruel reference to the death of Sage Castle, that the theme be ‘Under the Sea,’ a thought that did not go over as well with Arlana Marshall and Sasha Carter as she would have expected.

The fortunes of Candice turned when Arlana and Sasha abruptly quit the cheering squad after Coach Brachen introduced crossfit to the exercise routine, leaving an opening for cheering squad captain, something she has coveted for quite some time. However, it is evident there will be a showdown with her main rival, Lilith Marid.

Candice Stephens

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