Arlana Marshall

The diamond princess


“His eyes sparkled like diamonds.”

Arlana Marshall is young, pretty and somewhat vapid. But is shallow without being mean or cruel. Though her insensitive nature can be hurtful as she often lets loose the first thing that pops into her head.

Her father, John Fitzroy Marshall and her uncle, Jameson Frederick Marshall, run the successful Marshall’s Diamonds stores in and around San Luis Obispo, making their store the most upscale place in town to purchase high end jewelry. In fact, because of their family store, founded in the late 1800’s, is the reason the downtown high end shopping area is called Diamond Avenue.

Arlana is active in the Carnamagos High social scene, as a cheerleader and on the volleyball squad, like her BFF Sasha Carter. Arlana, like Sasha, enjoys being the center of attention and, of course, often sports diamonds in her ensemble.

Arlana Marshall

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