Tome of Destiny


References to the Tome of Destiny is a text found in the basement archives of Mission San Jorge. The text, seemingly a record of occult studies and research, was once the property of a series of mentors to wardens against evil, the last known owner was the grandfather of Arden Rice.

The Tome is a powerful text that, while the location was unknown, is likely in the possession of Hollis Dandy.

The tome supposedly conveys the following abilities:

1. A spell that reverses the Kronscak family curse. (Requires a Dark roll)
2. Spell of Divination – answers an open ended question. It provides an auto success to a Gaze into the Abyss roll, allowing for all three options. (Requires a Dark roll but the consequences for failure are more severe.)
3. Provides a counter-spell to the rituals that led to the 1919 rituals. (Requires a Dark roll.)

Tome of Destiny

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