Sister Sadness

Sister Sadness are one of several popular bands in the San Luis Obispo area. Comprised of students at Carnamagos High, the band is often found playing at various clubs in the area, mostly The Groove and Club Karma.

Thier first EP (find them at !) is “Kiss Me Hard”, with the tracks

  • Sad Day For Puppets
  • Destroy What Destroys You
  • Surprise is My Best Friend
  • Freezing Hunter
  • Lace Vortex
  • Wisdom Moves Fast

A new, popular track, not associated with their first set, is the infamous Molly’s Folly.

Their sound is somewhere between Lorde and Collide , with atmospheric textured music and layered female vocals.

The band is comprised of:

Georgia Campbell, lead singer and guitarist
Alexandra Kent, drummer
Wendy Cho, bassist
Tricia ‘Trippy’ Rhodes, keyboardist and backup vocals.

They have yet to play with their friendly rivals, The Dick Nixons, and the black punk band, the Burl Ives Experience.

There is a rift in the group, mostly between Alexandra and Georgia, which has threatened to tear the band apart on more than one instance but so far there seems to be no irreparable damage.


Sister Sadness

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