Dick Nixons

The Dick Nixons are one of several popular bands in the San Luis Obispo area. Comprised of students at Carnamagos High, the band is often found playing at various clubs in the area, mostly The Groove and Club Karma.

Thier first EP (find them at dicknixons.bandcamp.com !) is “If You Win, You’re Still A Rat”, with the tracks

  • A Different Breed Of Passion
  • Step Away From The Porn
  • Serious Persistance
  • Day Of The Moment
  • Blinded By The Concern
  • Disco Bitch
  • Everybody Needs At Least One Eroticism

Their sound is something like early Scary Kids Scaring Kids (“My Darkest Hour“Drowning”).

The band is comprised of:

J.J. Ross (lead singer/guitarist)
Sachamo Luke (lead guitarist)
Harley Morningstar (drummer)
Devon Lauer (bassist)

They have yet to play with their friendly rivals, Sister Sadness, and the black puk band, the Burl Ives Experience.


Dick Nixons

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