Dandy Cakes Company

The Dandy Cakes Company has been San Luis Obispo since the mid 1980’s, supplying the area with well-paying jobs as well as delicious snack cakes that are widely sold on the west coast in grocery stores and convenience stores. Among some of their popular sellers are Yodels as well as Golden Creme Delights. Despite the excellent taste of the treats, there is certainly a somewhat rotten and grotesque taste for some, considering the personal history of the founder as well as the suspected origins of the company’s capital.


The Dandy Cakes Company was founded by former Haitian Minister of Tourism, Dr. Michelson Dandy, after escaping the fall of the Duvalier regime in 1986. When he came to the United States with his family – as well as his ill-gotten gains – he found San Luis Obispo perfect for his needs. After avoiding a United States Justice Department investigation into his past dealings in Haiti, Dandy set up a factory that sold a variant of his grandmother, Adele’s recipe for delicious cream-filled cakes and other delights. stock-illustration-84975-graphic-vector-image-of-a-happy-cute-lion-mascot-leaning-on-a-sign-vector-illustration.jpgIn the end Dr. Dandy was able to convert what was likely millions of dollars in stolen Haitian government funds into millions upon millions of dollars in legitimate profits, while garnering good-will in his new community by providing good jobs and tasty snacks. Repeated attempts by the new Haitian government to recoup some of the money went nowhere as Dr. Dandy kept the wolves behind the gates and convinced the United States to not freeze his assets.

drakes-yodels.jpgWhen Dr. Dandy passed away from a heart attack (though there is some dispute over the circumstances), control of the company passed to his son, Hollis Dandy. Hollis, as well as his mother, Mirlande also inherited the vast fortune that Dandy Cakes had generated. Not long after that, Hollis brought over his niece, Astrid Dandy, from Haiti.

Currently, Hollis Dandy, a wealthy playboy with a keen business mind runs the company with an iron first with his mother working behind the scenes. panda3.jpgHowever, since it is widely known that Mr. Dandy does not exhibit the type of charisma that is best associated with a company that promotes family-friendly, fun treats, he leaves much of the marketing and corporate promotion to his second-in-command, Dakota Dolby and the corporate mascots, Dandy Panda, Stanley Stork and Leo Lion.

Hollis Dandy has a dark reputation around town. Several of the women has has been involved with, whisper unflattering tales of his strange habits and sexual appetites. However, no matter what may or may not have happened, none of them dare to speak about him for fear of retribution. Now, it seems, Mr. Dandy finds his women in other communities, impressing them with his sizable wealth and mysterious charms.

l_photo.JPGWhereas many consider the Dandy Cakes factory and neighboring distribution center a Godsend for the jobs they provide, there are those who know if the dark origins. Still others see something even darker in the place as rumors persist that the location is haunted by something. Whether it is ghosts of those who died in Haiti or those who may have met an untimely end somewhere near the place is unknown but many people, including teenagers that attend nearby Carnamagos High, stay far away from the factory, especially at night. For many, there is just something not right with the place. Something wrong. Something evil.

Lizzy_Ashbury.jpgThe most recent incident to sully the reputation of Dandy Cakes is the death of high school student, Lizzy Ashbury. Lizzy’s body was found one morning on the floor of the factory, her body illuminated by a strange ceiling light, giving her an almost angelic look. During the investigation into Lizzy’s death, which shocked everyone at the school, it was discovered that Lizzy made extra money offering naked strip teases via internet connection to those who would pay. The police theorized that some deranged fan met up with her and killed her even though she showed no signs of sexual assault. Hollis Dandy cooperated fully with the investigation and he and the company were cleared. The case is currently open.

Dandy Cakes Company

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