Cult of Vesta

symbol_asteroid.jpgThere are very few people who are even aware that this ‘cult’ exists. From what scant details that have been put together, it seems to be a group of high school girls, likely all centered around Carnamagos High who may be a self styled coven of witches or simply a secretive sorority.

Among some members, past and previous, include Piper Stevens, the current leader, Sophie Wesssel, the previous leader and Giada Broadchurch.

it is unclear whether the ‘cult’ venerates the Roman goddess of the same name, has something to do with the asteroid or if it is something else, entirely, as there is hardly a creed or philosophy they have published.

Whereas the stories are not exactly clear as to how it came about, Sophie herself the leader of the cult. She, and the other girls she recruited met in secret, may have conducted some strange rituals and most certainly engaged in illicit drug use. If the stories were to be believed, they also broke up with their boyfriends and may or may not have engaged in sex with one another as part of their games or rituals. Since few people know about the group, not much known.

At some point Sophie got it in her head that Lilith Marid would be an excellent member of the circle and she was given the ‘hard sell’ by Sophie as well as some other hooded members who tried to convince Lilith of her offer. When Lilith flatly refused, wanting nothing to do with girls she considered crackpots, Sophie and her followers became creepy and aggressive.

Eventually Sophie crossed a line by suggesting she knew more about Lilith than she should have rightly known which caused Lilith to call in favors from Quintin Castle and Simon Parker. When the two came after Sophie, she dropped everything and fled to Tijuana, which seemed like an unusual, desperate move. In short, Sophie ended up dead and Quintin and Simon never spoke of the events again.

At some point the Cult may have used the mysterious area known as Diamond Cove for some of their rites.

After the disappearance (and death) of Sophie, Piper assumed control of the group and learning from her predecessor’s mistakes, took a different approach. She targeted girls she knew were having problems of one kind of another and began doing them favors. Of course, these favors were expected to be repaid or act as a way to get them to join. One such individual was Molly Sterling, who was having deep problems with her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Malone. Somehow, though Molly is not certain how, Piper and her friends gently persuaded Tony to leave Molly alone. At least for the time being.

Cult of Vesta

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