Legend in San Luis Obispo speaks of The Consag, a mysterious ghostly woman who is sometimes seen in the forest area surrounding the town. The legends are confusing as to whether or not the witch is truly evil or whether or not she simply acts in ways that the people of the area simply do not understand. Whether she is a ghost, a witch or both also varies from tale to tale.

One constant in the story is that she is a bargainer. If someone comes across her, she will listen to whatever pleas are given and give what they want, in return for something. The price is often steep, or, at the very least, something fitting for what is being requested.

Simon Parker and Lilith Marid both seem to have come to various conclusions about the Consag. It is quite likely that The Consag is the ‘Packmaster’ that Simon has heard so much about, the leader of The Coyotes, and Lilith has reason to believe that the Consag is actually a name, a bastardization of the Kronscak family, of the Kronscak Family Tapestry found in the House of Dust.

Mahala Kindt told Quintin Castle that she encountered the Consag and made a deal to determine how to save Sage Castle, discovering that the Demon Glass, as owned by Hollis Dandy, was the one way to get Sage back by traveling through a portal to a nether realm to save her.


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