Castalanta Family

c81d609.jpgThe Castalanta Family has been in San Luis Obispo for as long as anyone can remember. They are reclusive, eccentric and apparently very wealthy. From all accounts, the family runs in what seems like a strict hierarchy, with a patriarch at the top and various family members underneath with varying roles of authority or power. Whereas the family is not considered a cult, they are avoided by many for their strange behavior. They do not seem to be associates with any known religion, any known social groups or political movements, which, understandably, makes other members of the community suspicious.

The current patriarch, Ferdinand Castalanta, has actually loosened his grip on some family members, allowing some of his children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren to explore the community more than his predecessors. In fact, two of his grandchildren, Raphael and Yasmine, have returned from boarding school overseas to attend Carnamagos High.

Their estate is the most remote home in Oro Hills, built far past the rest of the mansions and impressive homes that exist there. Based upon the age of the home and the memories of those in the area, it is likely the first home that was built in Oro Hills and has likely been around for over 200 years or longer.

Two of Ferdinand’s children have had more robust relationships in town. Phoebe Castalanta is currently involved with media mogul, Victor Sterling and by all accounts will soon marry him. Her younger brother, Ricard Castalanta is a man about town, having dated several women and is considered quite the playboy.

Castalanta Family

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