Carney Crier

“Discover What’s In It For You!”

The Carney Crier is the school newspaper with a strong emphasis on journalism and photography. Whereas a few copies are printed, they are mostly for show and to put in the school library. Mostly, the newspaper is online only (and has been since 2012).

Miranda Kelly, once considered the best journalism student in the school, was kicked off the paper after a strange sex tape surfaced with Miranda as the ‘mattress actress.’ The infamous Miranda Kelly Sex Video was seen by just about everyone. Some outcry was had when Miranda got in trouble and Quintin Castle, her ‘co-star’ did not.

With Miranda out, the paper is looking for a new top reporter.

Some of the features included are book and film reviews, notices of upcoming events in and around San Luis Obispo as well as news about activities in the school.

Carney Crier

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