1919 Disasters

1919.jpgIn 1919, a series of disasters befell San Luis Obispo, so devastating that there was discussion of simply moving and burying a place that was so wretched that God had forsaken.

From 1919 and extending into 1920 (and even straggling beyond for a few years), San Luis Obispo was ravaged by an earthquake which led to numerous fires. Shortly after that, a disease plagued the city, followed by suicides and even a mass murderer, known as H H Kolchek, a Czech immigrant that kidnapped and murdered over 15 people.

All told, this period of time resulted in over 1000 deaths in 4 years. These times are looked back upon with great sadness by the people of San Luis Obispo and every September the locals celebrate ‘Remembrance Day’ which is a somber celebration where the town reflects on the earthquake which is representative of the dark days that came to the people of San Luis Obispo.

A statue and fountain was built in the center of town in 1992 to act as a testament to what happened.

1919 Disasters

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