Sophie Wessel

Returned to continue her work


“Just leave everything to me and my girls.”

Sophie Wessel was a popular, if not somewhat eccentric and unusual student at Carnamagos High, who had a certain level of charisma worked to her advantage everywhere she went.

Whereas the stories are not exactly clear as to how it came about, she found herself the leader of a possible cult, called the Cult of Vesta. She, and the other girls she recruited met in secret, may have conducted some strange rituals and most certainly engaged in illicit drug use. If the stories were to be believed, they also broke up with their boyfriends and may or may not have engaged in sex with one another as part of their games or rituals. Since few people know about the group, not much known.

In what would turn out to be an ill-fated friendship, Sophie became close with Simon Parker for a short time and even suggested that her friend, Giada Broadchurch go out with him.

At some point Sophie got it in her head that Lilith Marid would be an excellent member of the circle and she was given the ‘hard sell’ by Sophie as well as some other hooded members who tried to convince Lilith of her offer. When Lilith flatly refused, wanting nothing to do with girls she considered crackpots, Sophie and her followers became creepy and aggressive.

Eventually Sophie crossed a line by suggesting she knew more about Lilith than she should have rightly known which caused Lilith to call in favors from Quintin Castle and Simon Parker. When the two came after Sophie, she dropped everything and fled to Tijuana, which seemed like an unusual, desperate move.

The details are sketchy but when Simon and Quintin followed her and tracked her down, they killed her and left her body behind, vowing never to speak of what happened again. The Vesta problem seemed to solve itself with regards to Lilith, but a new leader emerged, Piper Stevens.

Recently, however, when Molly Sterling attempted to contact the spirit of Sophie Wessel, at the urging of Piper and Giada Broadchurch, the spell went amiss and Molly later determined that the spirit of Sophie inhabited Betty Swain. Sophie, as Betty, changed her look and vowed vengeance on Simon and Quintin Castle, the two who led to her death. It is presumed that as Betty she had taken over the Cult of Vesta.

Sophie Wessel

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