Sasha Carter

Wealthy and dumb, a dangerous combination


“I’d love to be a veterinarian because I love children.”

Sasha is probably the richest girl in school, as her parents were early investors in Apple and sold their stock at the highest point. But despite all their money, they raised a sweet and warm girl who, bucking the trend, is kind and generous to everyone. Well-liked by just about everyone, Sasha uses her money to make her friends happy and tries to throw lavish parties where everyone is invited. She is simply too sweet to hate anyone. In fact, some of her most lavish parties are yacht parties aboard her father’s prized boat, the Rascal. Her father, Gordon, is generous enough (or foolish enough) to allow his daughter to take the yacht out to sea with a competent crew.

Sasha is usually found in the company of her BFF, Arlana Marshall, the wealthy diamond heiress as they both have similar, yet expensive, tastes. Both girls are heavily involved in the cheering squad as well as the volleyball team.

That said, she does have one dark element to her personality. She is one of the biggest clients in the Pay for A network that was set up by Major Kindt.

Sasha Carter

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