Samantha Ives

A geometry teacher who knows secrets


“Without your honesty, class, you have nothing.”

Ms. Ives has only been teaching geometry at Carnamagos High for three years, having come from Torrence, California, replacing Mr. Handy when he retired. Popular with students for her kindness and willingness to to listen to her students’ problems. However, there were some thing she could simply not tolerate and that was dishonesty.

Ms. Ives found out about Major Kindt’s Pay for A enterprise, as well as Simon Parker’s involvement with it. Attempting to get him out of it, she first tried to appeal to his sense of fairness and decency, but when Simon balked, either due to fear of Major or due to the money he was making, Ms. Ives decided to go to the school administration with her knowledge of the ring.

However, before she could go to the principal, Davis Lycan, she discovered hat the principal’s own daughter, Madeline Lycan, was also involved in the scandal, and she feared for the retribution that would happen if she were to tell the rest of the faculty what she knows. So now she sits on the knowledge of the academic dishonesty going on the school, unable to do anything about it.

Samantha Ives

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