Quintin Castle

The Alpha of Carnamagos High


Skin: Werewolf


I Hold on Others:
Simon Parker = 1
Molly Stirling = 3
Emma Lee Raines = 4
Madiline Lycan = 1
Principle Lycan= 1
Bianca Walsh = 1
Garret Larson= 1
Minerva Mink= 2
Mahala Kindt= 1

Others Have on Me:
Lilith Marid = 2
Simon Parker = 2
Molly Stirling = 3
Devon Lauer = 3
Miranda Kelly = 1
Cody Winters = 1
Major Kindt = 1
C-Monster = 1
Georgia= 1


“You want to be friends- cool. You want to be enemies – even better. I’ll beat your ass, kick your dog, fuck your mom and burn down your house.”

Good looking, rich, and imposing, Quintin seemly has it all. Including the passionate temper he inherits from his father, Luthor Castle. That temper and pack mentality define Quintin – on the one hand he is fiercely loyal and protective of his friends and on the other hand he can be vicious and relentless towards his enemies. His ferocity in all things, along with a lavish generosity towards his friends, (traits from his mother, Melissa Castle) has led to Quintin being one of the most popular kids in school – with a couple of notable exceptions.

Tragedy recently struck the Castle family this summer. Quintin’s younger sister Sage died after falling to her death from the beach side Diamond cliffs at night. While attending a cliff side party in northern Avila Beach, witnesses describe how she went out on the balcony for a breath of fresh air. Within moments the balcony collapsed even though it held minimal weight and nothing unusual was scene. It was ruled as nothing more than a freak accident. Sage’s family was devastated, the impact worsened by the fact that she was swept out to sea, her body never recovered. The case remains a mystery to the present day. Unknown to Quintin, his sister had been in a secret relationship with Devon Lauer.

Quintin also has a chaotic relationship with his ex-girlfriend Alexa Tremaine. Mysterious and exotic, she seems to have the ability to cast a spell over Quintin. A notorious party girl and drug addict, Quintin blames her addiction on Major Kindt who got her hooked on drugs. This is the foundation for the hatred that Quintin has for Major which has only escalated since the death of his sister. Luckily for Alexa, she recently got clean with the help of Emma Lee Raines. Emma Lee who was best friends with Quintin’s sister Sage, agreed to use her abilities to help “cure” Alexa as a favor to him. Unfortunately their friendship soured soon after. Emma Lee approached Quintin at a party and asked him for a favor in return. She told him that she needed $4000.00 urgently but would not explain what for. Quintin had to refuse, stating that he was strapped for cash after spreading some money out in “investments”. Emma Lee was furious and they have not spoken since.

At that same party, Major and Quintin got into a confrontation after Major made disparaging remarks about Sage. Quintin lost his shit and a full out brawl almost erupted, but at the last minute Molly Sterling intervened and dragged Quintin out of the party. But it was too late – with his darker self triggered, Quintin transformed into a wolf. Molly was able to use her powers to quickly subdue Quintin and break the transformation. She also secured a token, one of Quintin’s fangs.

On top of running a school drug ring, Quintin is also aware of Major’s other operation – Pay for A. His friends Simon Parker and Emma have both been “employed” by the ring. Two of his other friends Sasha Carter, a rich girl who’s daddy owns a sweet yacht and who has way more money than sense’ as well as Madeleine Lycan, the principal’s daughter are both occasional clients. The Lycans are close friends of the Castle’s and while not wealthy, they are part of the newly formed SLO Pack. Principal Lycan is hoping to arrange a betrothal between his daughter and Quintin to further unite the families.

These days, Quintin spends most his time on two major endeavors – working for his friend Lilith Marid and running the Carnamagos High Black Market. Lilith has built a successful and discreet empire supplying “gifts” to people in need. In exchange for a gift, the recipient has to provide payment – usually in the form of a favor or deed to further Lilith’s interests. On occasion there is an unsatisfied client who tries to not fulfill their end of the bargain. That is where Quintin steps in and convinces them to see the error of their ways. In addition to acting as a “debt collector”, Quintin also provides protection to Lilith insuring her operation remains a secret from the general public and faculty.

While Major and Noah focus on the local drug trade, Quintin has carved out a healthy business supplying basic contraband such as Alcohol and cigarettes. Along with the basics, he also procures specialty items – curios, artifacts, and the occasional occult item. Need an old Tarot card deck, a folio with strange symbols on the cover, or a protective talisman while exploring haunted amusement parks? Quintin can get it for you, but all sales are final. One of his occasional customers is recent graduate Cody Winters. Cody recently joined the police force as a training cadet and is currently dating Molly. He also moonlights as a bouncer at the Groove night club. One night, Quintin was dropping off a special order to Cody when he overheard a conversation between him and Major. Quintin quickly realized that Cody was on the take from Major. He would look the other way while Major dealt drugs out of the club along with giving him a heads up on any police investigations. Quintin has yet to decide what to do with this information, he doesn’t want to see Molly hurt, but he also knows she hates Major as much as he does.
The Tijuana incident – Sophie Wessel, was trying to pressure Lilith Marid into joining and adding her operation to their growing shitty coven- the Cult of Vesta. When Lilith politely declined, Sophie got nasty and threaten to expose Lilith. Lilith asked Quentin to “handle the matter”. Once this happened Sophie quickly realized she was in over her head and made a run for the border. Quentin recruited Simon Parker to help him track Sophie down. Neither of them talks about what happened in Tijuana, but the general sense is that Sophie met a gruesome and awful death. The new leader of the Cult of Vesta is Piper Stevens, she seems to be more with it then her predecessor and it remains to be seen if she will make another advance towards Lilith.

The Miranda Kelly Incident – Miranda was the best reporter for the school newspaper. She began looking into the various activities Lilith was involved with. This, however, concerned Lilith and she called upon Quintin to get her off the case, so to speak. The scheme Quintin put into place involved not just seducing Miranda but also filming it. This video, known as the Miranda Kelly Sex Video circulated around the school not only ruining her reputation but getting her kicked off the newspaper, destroying her chances of a journalism scholarship. While a job well done, so to speak, this whole incident is the one regret that Quintin has. He has no issues hurting bad people, in fact he relishes the opportunity to do so. But Quintin hates hurting innocents, but sometimes that’s the job.

Quintin did recently thwart an attack on Major of all people. Major’s main rival Noah, waited until a time when the sisters were separated from Major and ambushed him outside the Quick Stop for a beating. As the situation turned dire, Quintin swooped in and beat back Major’s attackers while he lay unconscious. Molly called for an ambulance and they fled the scene. Later, the Sister’s took credit for the save, telling Major that they arrived just in time. After hearing this, Quintin approached Bianca Walsh, one of the Sisters, and told her that he knew what really happened at the Quick Stop Incident. When Bianca tried to tell Quintin that he was full of shit, he produced the surveillance video from the the store. Quintin let Bianca know that she owned him a favor and he would come calling soon…

Quintin Castle

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